Our technology

The Cloudozer's technology portfolio comprises a series of OS-less language runtimes capable of running directly on Xen hypervisor. The list of supported languages steadily grows and today includes:

  • Erlang on Xen
  • Go on Xen
  • Rust on Xen
  • J on Xen

The central ingredient of our technology portfolio is the LING VM - an OS-less Erlang VM. Elimination of the traditional operating system from the software stack brings about benefits well beyond a modest performance boost.

The primary optimisation target for the LING VM is the low startup time. Most of initialisation is done during compile time including loading of essential Erlang modules. This reduces the startup time by orders of magnitude when compared to a Linux+Erlang combo. Moreover, LING VM starts as a Xen guest 2x faster then an Erlang/OTP as an OS process.

The unique design of the LING VM makes it a much harder target for malicious attackers. Most of the attack vectors are removed along the traditional operating system.

The primary community resource for the LING VM is erlangonxen.org.

Cloudozer LLP invests in furthering the technology according to the mid-term roadmap:

The active development of the technology commenced in 2011. Today the technology is approaching the level of maturity required for commercial deployments.

Related services

We can work together with you to design and implement systems that make use of Cloudozer's proprietary technologies, the systems that achieve:

  • Unmatched security as a result of greatly reduced surface of attack;
  • Super-elasticity due to sub-second cloud server boot-up times;
  • High-availability thanks to battle-tested Erlang platform.

You are welcome to contact us to discuss how our technologies fit your needs and how we can help you as consultants.

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