About us

Cloudozer LLP is a startup company that develops core technologies of super-elastic clouds of the future. We believe that to achieve true elasticity the existing cloud software stack must be rethought and many its components abandoned.

The company was formed in 2012 by a group of software entrepreneurs and technologists. To date, we have completed a critical piece of the super-elastic puzzle – LING – an Erlang VM with unprecendented boot-up time. Currently, we are focusing on clustering, orchestration, and adaptation/testing of applications, such as Ejabberd and RabbitMQ.

We percieve ourselves as a part of the trend towards new – super-elastic – clouds. The trend is in its infancy now and a lot of effort is needed from technology providers, such as Cloudozer, systems integrators, cloud service providers, and application developers to bring the new quality to end users.

The name of our core technology – LING – originates from the Chinese word meaning “zero”:

Cloudozer LLP invites early adopters who are interested in using our technologies for their products and services... more

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